Remembrance Day

New Dundee Remembers 2020

Due to restrictions imposed by COVID19, New Dundee’s 2020 public remembrance will take the following format:

Canadian flags will be on display for the month of November.

On Saturday November 7th, wreaths will be placed at the Memorial Gate to the New Dundee Park to honour the following:

Those from our community who died in service:

Kenneth Laverne Fried​​ 1920-1945

Walter Carl Kurt​​​ 1924-1944

Russell Arthur Saltzberry​​ 1920-1944

Burkle Ira Toman​​​ 1923-1945

Tyler Todd ​​​​ 1983-2010

For those who served and have now passed on:

Willard Becker​​  Allan Cressman​​  Jim Cressman​​

Junior Groff​​  Gord Howling​​  Ron Jackson​

Gord Junker​​  Earl Kurt​​​  Ed Maher​

Roy Parker​​  Elmer Poll​​​  Earl Poth 

​Walter Rickert​​ Wilfred Sararas​​  Jake Thiessen​ 

​Cameron Toman​  Fred Wallace 

They shall not grow old, as we who are left grow old; at the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

Wreaths were placed in the park this Saturday, here is a link to the video that was made that day: