Board of Trade – Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
Working in the community, for the community, through volunteer service

Objectives: The objectives of the New Dundee Board of Trade are:

  • To promote and improve economic and business opportunities in the town of New Dundee.

Installing Christmas lighting in the town
Appreciation plaques to long-serving local businesses
Efforts to beautify New Dundee
Creating a directory of local businesses on the website

  • To promote the civic and social welfare of New Dundee.

Initiatives/actions: Partnering with the Optimist Club and Women’s Institute on local projects Support of minor hockey, baseball and figure skating Coordinating annual Remembrance Day ceremonies Organizing the community church service in the park each August Bi-annual roadside clean-ups Ambassador-to-the-Fair sponsorship Educational bursaries for youth Leadership on the local cemetery and Maple Heights retirement home boards

  • To promote the health of members and the organization.

Engage in activities to increase the Board of Trade’s membership
Hold monthly dinner meetings with guest speakers and tours whenever possible
Publish and distribute monthly newsletters
Maintain a ‘Good Cheer’ committee to support members who fall ill
Publish literature and use local media to advertise Board events

  • To promote and engage in benevolent activities which may be helpful to the general or particular welfare of the individuals and families in and around the town of New Dundee.

Hold annual fundraising events – Fish Frys, Pancake Breakfasts, Victoria day barbeques
Make available and lend, for short terms, a variety of physical assist devices to needy residents of New Dundee
To accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests subject to the Charitable Gift Act

The New Dundee Board of Trade meets the first Tuesday of every month except July and August. Directors meet the third Tuesday of each month.