How much garbage does feeding 420 people produce?

Last week we fed 420 people a belly-busting meal of fish, chips, salads, and desert. How much garbage do you think we produced from the fish fry?

About 1/2 bag!

Led by ND Board of Trade member Alice Scott, our annual fish fry was on a mission to reduce waste to virtually nothing. We used biodegradable or reusable cloths for cleanup. Containers were recycled, as were cups for the cold drinks. Garbage cans were removed from the public area so that all plates and settings were brought back to the kitchen for sorting by board of trade members. All dishes and cutlery were sorted, all food scraps and paper napkings/placemats were also sorted and either composted or recycled. Alice led a virtual assembly line from trays of dirty dishes, through sorting, through to the dishwasher.

The small amount of garbage remaining was created mostly during the preparation and setup for the fish fry. We’ll be reviewing this to see if we can eliminate garbage completely for our next event.

A very cool initiative by the Board of Trade. Thanks Alice!

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